OMG Accounting & Finance Solutions has a particular passion for working with nonprofit organizations. As many are organized and operated to benefit the general public, or a specific group within the general public, we find a great deal of fulfillment while assisting with the achievement of the overall goals and missions these organizations are created to accomplish. This is ultimately where we got our start and where we will continue to put resources to help push our nonprofit client organizations ahead by providing the best possible accounting and financial solutions.

christmas charity donation
Our passion for nonprofits goes beyond client services. Each year, we support our local nonprofits during the holidays, when their needs are highest.


“OMG’s Accounting and Finance team is a pleasure to work with. They have really taken the burden of these duties off of HRSHRM Leadership so we can focus on steering the organization instead of paying bills and reconciling bank statements. They handle everything we ask of them in a professional manner and we have enjoyed the 8 year relationship we have had.”

Claudine Bagget

Claudine Baggett, 2016 HRSHRM Treasurer